The Power & Magic of Gestalt Coaching


In response to the challenge(s) of managing in a complex world, Dorothy engages the creative energy of her audiences to spark an experiential learning journey that takes a “rote” presentation into new dimensions of possibility.

A keynote speaker with international recognition, Dorothy Siminovitch has been invited to speak around the world. She has spoken at International Coach Federation (ICF) conferences and ICF chapters in Toronto, Singapore, Lithuania, and Chicago. She has delivered further keynote presentations to Coaching without Borders in Budapest and to Alpha Coaching & Consulting in Baku, Azerbaijan. Dorothy has worked and consulted with a wide range of both commercial and non-profit organizations in the fields of health care, pharma, hospitality services, and banking.

Dorothy is founder, faculty, and Director of Training for the Gestalt Coaching Program in Istanbul and Toronto – both ICF-ACTP coach training programs. She delivers speeches and ICF-accredited coach training workshops internationally. Her speeches are extensions of her coaching expertise in signature presence, leadership presence and peak performance, overcoming derailment, and working with high performance groups and teams.

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Topics for Engaging and Transformative Talks


Transformational Presence, Strategic Use of Self: Personal and Professional Mastery

Masterful coaches are aware of what they evoke and accountable for what they provoke – they inhabit a space where the power of “being” and the energy of “doing” act together to create outcomes that make a difference. Dorothy will discuss PRESENCE as a “being” intervention; and USE OF SELF as a “doing” intervention.

Awareness Agent: The New Role of the Coach and Leader in Turbulent Times

Many thought leaders and leadership experts agree that self-work is key to self-awareness, and influences what we choose to respond to, and how we will respond. Learning what shapes our awareness, and how to then use our awareness to ultimately bring satisfaction, is why presence and use of self are such central concepts for coaches, consultants, and high performing leaders.

Group and Team Leadership: A Core Competency

Groups and teams offer unparalleled opportunities of increased creativity and focused energy for success. Leaders of groups or teams support members to collaboratively mesh their diverse resources and skills for a mutual purpose. Leaders require a grounded presence, the ability to hold multiple perspectives, and a strategic use of self to track system-level issues and intervene at the appropriate level.

Why Gestalt Coaching: Resonant Value for a VUCA World

Dorothy uses research and proven experience to speak about the competencies needed to meet and manage our disruptive and volatile world.  She sees coaching strategies as a guiding theory and a set of skills that can bring order and understanding even in the face of uncertainty.  She welcomes the opportunity to support the thinking and attitudes needed for the partnership and collaboration that can overcome and manage disruption. In what has been described as the “Age of Not Knowing”, she advocates the holism of gestalt thinking as a practice that builds resilience and adaptivity capacity.


“People are still reeling from the profundity and impact of the session with you. You really blew our minds and our experience. The relational ground you created forged an extraordinary depth of human connection that we will all remember as a special moment in our lives. Thank you for being you, for continuing to inspire and breathe life into the soul of our humanity. We love you, Dorothy.”
— Georgina Woudstra | Founder and Principal, Team Coaching Studio, Winchester, England

“Dorothy’s presence transformed yet another repetitious day of mediocre slides and accepted wisdoms – to one of thought provocation, engaging purpose and inspiring hope.”
— Peter Fisk | The Genius Works

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