Gestalt Team and Group Work: Mastery in Process Skills

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Understanding and being able to facilitate groups and work teams is a core competency for leaders, consultants, and executive coaches. Professional mastery in group leadership means having the skills to recognize and track system issues, being able to tolerate disruptions, and being able to intervene at any level of system.

Working with groups and teams requires a grounded presence, the ability to hold multiple perspectives, and a strategic use of self to meet emerging challenges. One of the most effective ways to strengthen one’s presence and use of self is through the practice of facilitating groups and teams.

This 5 day experiential workshop draws from Gestalt concepts and practices to develop mastery in group interventions.

Participants will:
  • Be introduced to the principles of Awareness Intelligence, the synthesis of coaching presence and use of self as vehicles to strengthen learning, mindful change, and better choices
  • Learn Gestalt theory, concepts, and practices that enhance observation and intervention skills for working at all levels of group process
  • Join in a personal learning group to facilitate integration of group leadership issues
  • Experience working with a volunteer client group, where there is opportunity to practice and to receive immediate feedback on your presence and use of self as a group leader

The Art and Practice of Working with Resistance: An Essential Skill to Develop

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This program, designed for coaches (from any coaching approach), offers a lens for

  1. Recognizing resistance,
  2. Recognizing when it is of value and
  3. When other options are needed.

Participants will leave with immediate useful tools and techniques that can set the foundation for deeper understanding, compassion and creative interventions to assist constructive choice for new possibilities. Useful both for coaches and the clients they serve.

Participants receive:
  • 18 ICF CCEUs

Presence and Masterful Use of Self: Intervention and Influence Skills

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If you’re looking to elevate your presence, impact, and effectiveness as a leader, unlock your full potential at this 4-Day Workshop (5.5 Hours Per Day). 

Key Takeaways from this Workshop:

  1. An increased awareness of your distinctive presence
  2. Opportunities to explore your impact and effectiveness as intervener at multiple levels of system
  3. Identification of your access to both relational and intentional action
  4. Developmental strategies to increase awareness intelligence mastery

Drawing from Gestalt foundations, this workshop offers a highly experiential, relational, and feedback-rich learning experience. Workshop participants practice what they are learning in the observant, supportive company of equally committed peers and a master Gestalt Practitioner.

Participants receive:
  • 15 ICF CCEUs
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