cover of A Gestalt Coaching Primer, book by Dorothy Siminovitch

A Gestalt Coaching Primer: The Path Toward Awareness Intelligence – 2nd Edition

cover of A Gestalt Coaching Primer, book by Dorothy Siminovitch

Definitive Guide to the Essentials of Gestalt Coaching from One of its Foremost Practitioners

Coaching Mastery through Awareness Intelligence, Presence, and Strategic Use of Self

In the book A Gestalt Coaching Primer: The Path Toward Awareness Intelligence, Dorothy demonstrates the powerful relevance and reach of Gestalt core concepts, models, and practices for coaches, consultants, and leaders embedded in today’s complex, shifting environments. The elusive but central concepts of Awareness Intelligence™, compelling presence, and strategic use of one’s presence are clearly explained and illustrated. Personal and professional coaches, whether experienced or novice, will find a wealth of knowledge and practical wisdom in this Gestalt coaching book.

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A Word from the Author, Dorothy Siminovitch, PH.D., MCC

A Word from Jonno Hanafin, MBA

Founder & Co-Chair of the International Gestalt Organization & Leadership Development program (iGOLD)


What People Are Saying  •••

Still the best I’ve seen! – “Coaching is a performance art. Dorothy combines and teaches the drama of the performance with an authentic presence. She is Dance Mistress and Stage Manager combined, in her book and her workshop. A masterful synthesis of Gestalt theory translated effortlessly to coaching practice. A must read for anyone applying Gestalt principles to the art and science of coaching. Thorough, clear and relevant. It is still the best I’ve seen on the subject.”
— Jonno Hanafin | Co-Founder/Co-Chair, International Gestalt Organization, Owner, Jonno Hanafin Associates

Path to mastery“Do you want to go beyond the surface skills to the heart of coaching? A Gestalt Coaching Primer will show you how to make coaching a sensory experience between coach and client, so results are profoundly transformational. Dr. Siminovitch generously shares her experience and wisdom in a practical format accessible by beginners and useful for even senior coaches. She has updated and added wonderful pages to the 2nd edition. I have been coaching for over 25 years and every time I pick up the book, I find gems that move me forward on my path to mastery.”
— Marcia Reynolds | PsyD, MCC, President, Covisioning, LLC

A timely transformative resource – “As a professional who has studied the power and principles of Gestalt practice when applied to organization change and development for more than 30 years, I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with the depth, insight and potential for this great work. For those unfamiliar with Gestalt practice applied to organizations, it releases profound insight. And for those who are familiar with Gestalt practice but have never applied it to the practice of coaching, it powerfully combines the two disciplines in a manner that super-charges both. This will be a well-worn resource on my desk, and I have a suspicion it will be so for others as well. I look forward to seeing how Dr. Siminovitch expands the application and insights from this reference into future publications. Buy it! Read it!! Master it!!!”
— Dr. Ollie Malone, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, President and Principal Consultant, Olive Tree Associate

A complete introduction to Gestalt coaching – “Dr. Dorothy Siminovitch is a renowned Gestalt coach, facilitator and thinker. And part of what makes her so compelling is that she has written THE book on the subject. As a relative novice to the field of Gestalt, I found reading her book easy, crystal clear, and inspiring. I find myself now, many months later, returning to its pages repeatedly to refresh my memory, to see how she wrote about a particular aspect of Gestalt coaching, to understand more deeply my own practice. The book is full of examples, where the author takes theoretical concepts from Gestalt and makes them real and practical through illustration. I can highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn more about the most important elements of Gestalt coaching.”
— Adam Cooke, Head of Learning and development, Media24

“Dorothy is a gifted teacher and coach who facilitates deep learning through behavioral science theory coupled with fun. She creates a positive and open environment making it easy for individuals and groups to explore and find their own answers. Her leadership, collaborative spirit and encouragement inspires strength, learning and change to occur.”
— Joan Starkowsky | Executive Coach and Consultant, Sirocco Coach-Consulting, LLC

“Dorothy is a deep well of knowledge and experience, leaving you yearning for more. For Dorothy it is not about her – but all about you. Dorothy makes you feel honored and dignified in her presence and her unique cultural background enriches your experience as she shares herself with you. Dorothy, you are a rare gem.”
— Belinda MacLachlan | Transition Coaching & Strategy Facilitation, Face2Face, South Africa