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Dorothy E. Siminovitch, “Practicing Gestalt” (ICF Coaching World August 2013 This is a PDF document

Gestalt coaching

A Gestalt coach brings the gift of an integrated presence to the coaching encounter, wherein behavior and use of self are aligned with core values and full access to emotional life. This lends power for supporting clients to share their interior and to have the experience of being heard under the avowed premise that they are already healthy, whole, and resourceful.

A Gestalt coach is attentive to two parallel processes at the same time – the client’s and their own. These are not static but rather are in continuous movement, at some moments separate, at others overlapping, intersecting or resisting.

A Gestalt coach helps clients improve the ways they scan their internal and external environments, gather data, and make sense of that data in order to expand choices and engage in productive actions.

Gestalt Coaching, a present-focused approach, seeks to recognize the critical choice points for action that exist in the moment but that promise long-term effect. Being able to track and attend to the fluctuations of client and coach self-awareness throughout the coaching encounter, and so to be ready when that moment emerges, is the heart of mastery.




This coach’s “use of self” in the coaching encounter is guided by:

  • The Cycle of Experience, used to assess the blocks to awareness and patterns of resistance relative to desired goals. More
  • The Unit of Work, used to design and shape the appropriate intervention. More

A Gestalt coach continually references the Cycle of Experience as a tracking lens for spotting the available energy to shape digestible Units of Work.

Download “The Pragmatics of Magic: The Work of Gestalt Coaching” by Dorothy E. Siminovitch and Ann M. Van Eron

Download “Connecting Strategic and Intimate Interactions: The Need for Balance" Gestalt Review, 7(2):134-146, 2003. Used with permission from the Gestalt International Study Center.

The Foundations of Coaching: Roots in OD
OD PRACTITIONER Vol. 38 No. 3 2006, included with permission from Matt Minahan, (author)

Download “Applying Gestalt Theory to Coaching” by Stuart N. Simon. Gestalt Review 13 (3), 230-240, 2009. Used with permission from the author.


“As a consultant, educator and facilitator, I am always inspired by Dorothy’s intuition , skill and her attention to the tiniest details in the moment. She spontaneously uses what the moment brings as a teaching point and creates a culture of constant learning. There is a lot more to learn from her wisdom. I always look forward to having new opportunities to meet Dorothy and learn from her. Just tell me the location, I’ll buy my ticket!”

Zeynep Evgin Eryilmaz, PCC, EGCP Faculty, Coach, Consultant, and Facilitator
Istanbul, Turkey